10 Helpful Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

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Any person who has ever had a dog or a cat or even a pet chameleon knows just how bad it can feel when that pet goes missing. You look around your house or yard, you call and call for your pet, but he or she is absolutely no place to be found. Your pet is lost. But as bad as this may seem to you, there are many things that you can do to increase the likelihood that your lost cat, dog, or chameleon will be found. So take a deep breath and follow these helpful tips for finding a lost pet.
Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

1. Start Your Search Right Away

Start Your Search Right Away

When you lose your pet, you will want to get started looking for it right away. The sooner you start your search, the more likely you will find your pet since it will probably be closer by. Those who may have found your pet might hold onto it for a while before taking it to a shelter, so it may still be in their possession.

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  1. Angela Newell

    I’ve been always had at least one K9 BFF while growing up. Unless overlooked, I didn’t read any article referring to ID tags. Countless times assisting anyone ISO their beloved K9; my FIRST question I ask owner re ID tag(s). More often reply is, “no”. My corgi has 3 different ID tags affixed to her harness’ D ring (also used for her leash. (1) tag ordered off of form from her vet. Includes her name, my name, my ph # AND an 800#. I disclosed 2 additional #’s other than my own. The company calls #’s etc. (2) tag = proof of rabies vax (has assigned # & vet’s location & ph#. (3) tag has her microchip implant ID. IMO, ANY form of idea is paramount. I have purchased ID tags in the past with dog’s name, my ph#, and the third line read “REWARD” (all caps). There’s also a “pet amber” alert notification via smart phone. Good luck, just wanted to share some additional advice. Crazyhorse

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