10 Best Small Dog 🐶 Breeds for Indoor Pets


9. Papillons

One of the most overlooked dog breeds in terms of making good indoor pets is Papillons. Due to their high intelligence, sensitivity, and compassion towards people, Papillons are usually used as seizure alert dogs and therapy dogs.

Since Papillons are easy to train, they’re often used as show dogs as well. Papillons don’t shed too often, and they don’t suffer skin allergies.

10. Pekingese

Pekingese is an incredibly loving dog that requires little exercise, though it likes a great walk. These dogs make wonderful lap dogs, yet they enjoy doing their own things too. I have a Pekingese dog, and she is one of the best indoor pets I have ever had.

She is loving, protective and great with kids. Pekingese doesn’t shed that often, though you will need to brush their hair at least once a month. Pekingese may take longer to house-train than other dogs, but they are easy to care for and great to play with.

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These are just eight of the world’s smallest dog breeds. They’re loyal, friendly, and require minimum upkeep, so they generally make for delightful indoor pets. Whatever breed you eventually choose, make sure you shower the dog with love, and you’ll be rewarded with the dog’s unconditional love and loyalty.

You’ll need to exercise patience as you take the dog through the first few weeks of house training, but after that, everything should fall into place. Choose the right indoor pet and pet ownership will be exciting and rewarding.