9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats


2. Cheap gifts

The truth is that Christmas involves large expenses and your animal is perhaps somewhere at the end. The majority of pets will hardly notice the holiday that’s why it’s not necessary to buy a costly gift to them. It’s possible to purchase many cheap presents which will also make their day special.

Cat Treats – It’s a great idea to give your cat a box full of the most loved treats on Christmas! Keep in mind that during the festive season the pet stores will sell festive goodies that will be more costly because of the added holiday premium. Don’t spend extra cash and purchase an ordinary box of treats since your pet will actually eat any!

Practical Gifts – Presenting a new collar, bowl or tag can be a boring gift but when your pet needs anything you won’t just waste the money. You will do both: pay attention to your animal and purchase a useful present for daily use.

A Piece of String – Small kids always play with the box of their new plaything, kittens do the same. They will love playing with a small string on Christmas. Wave the string in front of the pet, attract the cat with it or drag the string along the floor till the animal grabs it. This game can be played with all cats, small and big, and in a wink their natural instincts will be seen. You will be tired of playing long before the pet does!

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