11 Christmas Safety Tips for Dogs


8. Trips and visitors

There is always much to do during the festive season like numerous trips outside and plenty of new guests to your dogs. It doesn’t matter how enjoyable the visits and trips are for everybody, they can become a catastrophe for the pet. You can forget to feed your dog being far away from home. A hungry small dog is a big issue for your furniture, peculiarly when there aren’t any kids near.

There are less problems from old pets but everything can happen. All you need to do is to take the dog with you every time you go out. And don’t forget to feed your dog well. It’s a good idea to buy playthings at a pet shop. Sometimes they have such places where you can put food. The pet should work to take this treat out of the plaything. In such way the dog will be busy and won’t be hungry.

While waiting for the visitors, let your dog be in another room and keep it on a leash until the dog gets familiar with the guests. In such way your visitors and the pet will get acquainted with one another and will be happy during the celebration.

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