9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


2. Cornish Rex

The coat of any cat has three layers: the outer, the guard hair, then, the middle, which is their “own” hair and, finally, the lower layer, the down hair or fur. What makes Cornish Rex peculiar is that they have only down hair.

That`s why they are irresistible to touch, they are soft like teddy bears. Another unusual thing about them is that sometimes Rexes may have curly fur. But, notwithstanding their hair, this breed is not adapted to live outdoors.

They are always there where it is warm, by your side, on the couch or on your lap. You`ll notice them smelling like cheese, that is because these exotic cats have a gland in the paws, which other cats do not have.

These cats are known to be playful, it takes them a little bit more time to become adult so they will behave like a kitten for some time. If you want to have this one, you have to be ready to see them running in gallop. The cats of this breed are extremely active, even sporty, so to say, they run, race, jump high, fetch and sometimes contrive to do acrobatic jumps. They will be a real delight for a big active family, especially with kids.

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