9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


3. Sphynx

The Sphynx is definitely an unusual breed, but without doubt, it has its admirers. The main thing about them is that they are furless. They have deep heavenly blue eyes, they are sweet and playful, Sphynxes also like being beside his owner, loneliness is torturous for them, they are also very active, so be ready to see them prancing about the house. Of course, characters may differ depending on a cat, but in general Sphynxes possess sweet temper they will be making you laugh all the time.

Because of being furless, the cats get hot and cold easily, so at night they look for a warm and comfortable place to sleep in. Moreover, they can`t be outside, heating sun leaves sunburns on their skin and severe frost is fatal for them. Another special feature about these exotic cats is that you should bathe them every week, as they are “naked”.

There`s a common myth that it was the Sphynx that was worshiped by Egyptians but it is not true. The breed appeared in `70s so, it stands to reason, that Egyptians could not have it. In any case, world history has many things to say about hairless cats through the ages.

The breed itself took a long way to be accomplished and come in the exact appearance as we see it today. Numerous mistakes are spinning around these cats. Most of us are sure that they are completely hairless, but that`s not quite so. Sphinxes have hair around ears and mouth; they may have peach fuzz and whiskers.

Another prevailing myth is that the breed is hypoallergenic. Many people with an allergy to cats, in fact are allergic to the skin oils but not to the fur itself. If you decided to take Sphynx to your place, you would better consult doctor first. Being so special and unlike others, Sphynx will definitely win your heart.

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