9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


5. Scottish Fold

The first thing that strikes your eye is folded ears. This happens because of the dominant gene mutation, which makes the ear cartilage bend forward and down. Because of that many people say, the Scottish Fold remind owls. These cats are never annoying; they are very soft and plush, so you want to touch them and flatter them all the time.

Even their meows and purrs sound differently in comparison with other breeds. You`ll find them hanging around the house and lying in funny, unusual positions.

One of them I call “Buddha,” when they lie on the back and spread the hind legs, while forelegs remain on the chest. They are not independent as all other cats are; Scottish folds are loyal and affectionate to their owner. They will always follow you in the house and be near. This breed may be of various colors and with different fur lengths: short or long.

And I can`t fail to mention their eyes. When they look at you, they are so cute, so innocent, and leave you defenseless. You`ll start flattering him.

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