9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


6. Khao Manee

These cats are not easy to describe, they have their own peculiarities, features of character and special peculiarity in appearance. The breed takes its origin from Thailand and its name means “White Gem”. In different parts of the world they are called “Diamond Eyes”, as these cats may have blue, gold eyes, moreover they may also have eyes of different color: one blue, one gold. The cats with odd eyes are the most popular, preferable and precious.

As for their character, Khao Manees are known to be smart, active and communicative. You can recognize Manees not only by their eyes but also by the snowy white fur and pink paw pads. There are no other features that could distinguish them from ordinary domestic cats.

These cats like to cuddle in your lap and cry loudly to get what they need. It`s an ideal breed to be a family member of full value. Being widespread in Thailand, the breed was not recognized in the west until TICA gave them status of “Preliminary New Breed” in 2011.

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