10 Housetraining Tips for First-Time Puppy Owners


10. Don’t quit too soon

The most common reason for setbacks is letting your guard down too soon. Your puppy has been pretty good at going outside, so you give him some unsupervised freedom when you come in. Oops.

How do you know when you’re finished? There are three criteria:

  • Your puppy consistently goes on command.
  • You’ve gone a few weeks with out accidents.
  • Your puppy lets you know when he needs to go out.

Bringing home a new puppy is thrilling, fun, and rewarding. It’s also exhausting and demanding. How well you housetrain your dog will affect the rest of your lives together. Do you want to still be finding accidents five years from now? Or would you rather have a dog who’s a welcomed, trusted member of the family? If it’s the latter, help him out by teaching him how to be a good citizen.