9 Most Dangerous People Foods for Hamsters


9. Avocado

Every single part of the avocado contains a toxin called persin. It is not safe for any rodent, so avoid giving your hamster a taste of your guacamole, and don’t let your pets play with the avocado pit or shell. Your hamster can ingest a small piece of shell and become sick from the amount of persin in it. The avocado leaves are the most toxic, but the fruit is also to be avoided.

Common sense goes a long way when it comes to feeding your hamster. Don’t feed your pet anything new without doing a little research. While seeds and other common treats are fine in moderation, table food is usually a bad idea for small pets. You can give them individual pieces of vegetables and fruit instead. Going with pieces instead of a spoonful of your food will help avoid hidden toxins. You might not even realize that there is onion powder in a dish, for example, until your hamster becomes ill.