10 Most Popular Hamster Names


10. Fluffy

The fur of a Syrian hamster can become extremely long making them ideal candidates for the name fluffy. It is important to take care of their coat to avoid any matting or infections developing due to bacteria. Your pet store or veterinarian will be able to advise you on the best methods of keeping your hamster clean and healthy.

Before getting a hamster, you will need to think seriously about whether or not they are the right pet for you or your child. Many hamsters come alive at night and can create an incredible amount of noise by gnawing on the bars of their cage or running on their exercise wheel. There is also the possibility that your hamster will not become tame and cannot be handled. However, some hamsters have naturally friendly, mellow personalities making them ideal pets for every household. As long as you are able to love and care for your pet no matter what personality quirks they may have, then you should definitely consider purchasing a hamster. Do you have hamsters? What are their names?