9 Reasons to Say No When Your Child Wants a Puppy


9. You aren’t an animal person

Some people just aren’t animal lovers. That doesn’t make you a bad person; it just makes you a potentially bad pet owner. Animals can usually sense when their people don’t like them. That can end up having negative effects on a pet’s behavior and emotional well-being.

Trying to force yourself to be a dog lover won’t be beneficial for you or any dog you might get. It’s better to give that puppy the chance to be adopted by someone who will be thrilled to have him or her.

We all want our kids to have happy, fulfilling childhoods. Owning a pet can be a part of the quality upbringing we hope to achieve. However, making the decision to bring home a dog isn’t the best choice for everyone. When your child comes to you begging for a new puppy, sometimes you just have to say no. Any of the red flags on this list would be an acceptable reason to forgo that furry addition. Weigh your options carefully and consider your unique situation before making a final decision regarding obtaining a family pet.