10 Small Pets That Are Great for Kids


9. Gerbils

The playful gerbils are always busy, smart and they love to hang out with their owners. Gerbils live for about 2 to 3 years, but they pack plenty of living into that time. Gerbils are very social, that’s why it’s better to keep pairs or small groups of the same sex. With gentle handling, they learn to trust their owners and enjoy interacting. Never lift or hold a gerbil by its tail, because the tail is fragile, and the skin might come off leaving a gerbil with a naked tail.

Gerbils are self-grooming pet and they don’t require regular grooming. But, the owners have to offer a dust bath to them every week and always provide them with chew items to keep their always growing teeth trimmed.

It’s important to know that gerbils are illegal to have in a few states, so be sure to check it before buying one.

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