10 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs


Thanksgiving Day is one of the most wonderful family holidays. This day you can see all your relatives, taste the most delicious foods, and watch entertaining programs on TV, such as football matches. This family occasion is also a good chance for your dog to snatch some tasty foods. I know you love your dog and you want to give them some tasty treats, but be careful while giving different food to your dog. Sure, a small piece of roast turkey or one carrot is not dangerous but there is a list of Thanksgiving food which can be really dangerous for your pet.

1. Raw turkey

If your dog eats a piece of turkey which is not cooked enough it can be dangerous. Your pet can get salmonella bacteria. And don’t forget that your dog’s stomach can’t take everything you throw into it. So, always pay attention to what you are giving to your dog!