10 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs


Thanksgiving Day is one of the most wonderful family holidays. This day you can see all your relatives, taste the most delicious foods, and watch entertaining programs on TV, such as football matches. This family occasion is also a good chance for your dog to snatch some tasty foods. I know you love your dog and you want to give them some tasty treats, but be careful while giving different food to your dog. Sure, a small piece of roast turkey or one carrot is not dangerous but there is a list of Thanksgiving food which can be really dangerous for your pet.

1. Raw turkey

If your dog eats a piece of turkey which is not cooked enough it can be dangerous. Your pet can get salmonella bacteria. And don’t forget that your dog’s stomach can’t take everything you throw into it. So, always pay attention to what you are giving to your dog!

2. Bones

Everybody thinks bones are good for dogs. But it’s actually a wrong opinion. For instance, some vets insist that regardless of their size bones are bad. When you throw a bone to your pet always think about its consequences. A usual bone can cause some serious health problems of your dog and in some cases even death.

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3. Beer

In spite of the fact that your dog can like beer, you shouldn’t let it drink. Beer can have negative influence on the stomach of your pet. Sure, everything depends on the amount of beer which your dog can drink. The most terrible consequences of drinking it can be convulsions, fever, problems with liver and in some cases even death.

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4. The skin of turkey

You might say that the skin can’t be dangerous. But, trust me, it can be extremely dangerous. This kind of food contains fat that dog’s stomach cannot digest easily. As a result your dog gets a risk of pancreatitis, which is really a big problem. So the best advice for you is to get rid of turkey’s skin. Moreover, the skin of turkey can be harmful to your health too. Throwing it away will save more place for other tasty dishes.

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5. Mushrooms

Remember that mushrooms are not good for your dog’s health. If you give your pet mushrooms you can observe a number of bad changes in its health. That can be convulsions, nausea, and even coma. Moreover, in some cases mushrooms can be a reason of dog’s death.

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6. Sage

It’s not a secret that people use sage to cook a great number of dishes. But when speaking about dogs you should remember that it’s dangerous, since this herb is rich in many resins and essential oils, which can damage your dog’s central nervous system and stomach.

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7. Macadamia nuts

Another Thanksgiving food that is dangerous for dogs is macadamia nuts. Eating macadamia nuts can lead to a reaction which is called macadamia nut toxicosis. The negative effects are obvious. You dog can vomit, have problems with movements, and feel weakness and apathy.

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8. Cake batter and dough

At first it may seem something unbelievable but if some dough gets into your pet’s stomach it will grow inside due to body temperature of a dog. After that your dog will have some swelling, terrible stomachache and vomiting. Cake batter is also bad to a dog’s health. Usually this food consists of eggs, which are a good living place for salmonella bacteria. So when you are going to bake a cake be careful with your dog, don’t let him come into the kitchen, and clean everything after your cooking finished.

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9. Nutmeg

You should be careful with such spice as nutmeg. Different kinds of desserts can contain nutmeg, which has some slight hallucinogenic effects. If your dog eats a piece of pie with nutmeg its central nervous system can be damaged. Also sometimes dogs have seizures after eating this spice. You can give some desserts to your dog such as pumpkin pie or sweet potato but first make it clear there is no nutmeg inside them.

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10. Garlic and onion

You should never give these vegetables to your pet. Garlic and onion can cause illness of a dog. They have sulfides that are toxic to dog’s body. When eating any of these two vegetables your dog has a risk of anemia, since sulfides destruct red blood cells.

One more food which is not mentioned in my list is chocolate. Keep in mind that this sweet thing is very harmful for your dog. Never give chocolate to your dog. In order to prevent your dog from any danger you should have a big number of special dog food and medicine. When guests come to your home make sure they don’t give human food to your pet. And always control physical exercises of your dog.