10 Things to Consider When Choosing Cat Food 🐈


4. It makes no sense simply buying a brand for what it says on the front of the box

The statements made on the front of any pet food package use a special format governed by the law.

  • By law, a package that uses the term Fish cat food, Chicken cat food, or Beef cat food needs to contain at least 95% of the ingredients stated.
  • Fish cat food is not the same as Cat food with fish. If a label follows thewith format, the product only needs to have 3% of the ingredient named.
  • Cat food packages that contain multiple ingredients need to have the most of whatever ingredient is listed first. All put together, though, the ingredients should make up 95% of the product by weight. For instance, a product with the term Chicken, Fish, and Beef cat food on the label should have more chicken than fish or beef. All put together; the three ingredients should make up 95% of the contents of the package.
  • The cat food product with the terms of Dinner, Formula, Platter or EntrΓ©e on the label are inferior to products without those qualifiers. A product that’s called Beef cat dinner, for instance, is only legally required to contain between 25% and 95% of the ingredient listed.

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