10 Tips for Bringing a New Puppy Home


10. Introduce them to the new items and experiences slowly

Switching on the vacuum cleaner or overwhelming your puppy with visitors will make the first few days even more stressful for them. Try to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the puppy and allow it to explore and experience new things at its own pace. Some puppies may be fearless and eager to greet everyone and everything in the first few minutes. Observing your puppy’s behavior will help you make a decision on how fast to introduce the new things.

As soon as your puppy is able to go outside, it is important to socialize it from a very young age. This will help it grow into a calm, well-adjusted adult that doesn’t have any problems when mixing with people and other dogs. Teach your puppy basic commands like sit, stay, and to come when called immediately to enable you to let them exercise freely in parks and open spaces.