10 Tips for Teaching Your Parrot to Talk


One of the biggest benefits of owning a parrot is having a bird that can talk. Since all parrots have the anatomy to learn human speech, there is really no reason not to teach your pet a few words. Just how well your bird will speak depends on the breed and the individual bird. Some pets are more inspired to chat than others. If you want to teach your pet parrot to talk, here are a few important tips to follow.

1. Get the right bird

If you are very serious about wanting a talking parrot, you will probably want to consider getting a species that is known for speaking. All parrots can mimic human sounds, but some are much better at it than others. For example, the best bird for speaking is the Congo African Grey Parrot. Amazon parrots, budgies and cockatiels also tend to learn well, but macaws are often resistant to learning. Do some research on the individual species before you choose your parrot.