Top 10 Best Pet Birds for Every Woman


10. African grey parrot

The African grey parrot is among the world’s smartest pet birds available. It is a genius bird that is suited for those women with slightly older children. Their intelligence is almost at par with that of a six year old child. In essence, this means the bird can master words and speak them in context-not just repeating them. On the flip side, they can get very bored when they are not indulged in play. They require regular maintenance and supply of food.

The truth about successful rearing of pet birds is that you can bring them in when they are still young. It is not a daunting process to train them because you actually get to understand their overall behavior and the dos and the don’ts while dealing with them.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about pet birds:

What is the friendliest bird to have as a pet?

Budgerigars are the friendliest birds to have in the home. This is especially important if children live in the house. This breed of parrots is very sociable, willingly learns to talk, and likes to sit on the owners’ shoulders, arms, or head. Therefore, a friendlier and more pleasant pet cannot be found.

What is the easiest pet bird to take care of?

The canary is the easiest pet bird to take care of. Caring for them can be entrusted even to a child. Firstly, The bird does not need to be walked. Therefore, leaving it at home alone for 2-3 days is not a problem, providing it with food and water. Secondly, the cage takes up little space, and cleaning is simple. As a result, under reasonable conditions and a balanced diet, they practically do not get sick and give the owner a minimum of trouble.

What is the best bird for companionship?

Kakariki Parrots are the best birds for companionship. They love to play and prefer to do it in the company. Parrots can be kept singly or in pairs, but a single bird will need a lot of attention, especially if you want your parrot to become tame.

Are birds loyal to their owners?

The canary is loyal to their owners, as they are so calm, quickly get used to the person, and are not afraid of hands. Other highly loyal birds are Goldfinches. They are so friendly and curious, easy to train, and unpretentious.

What is the most fun bird to own?

Finches are the most fun bird to own. It’s a small, bright, hilarious bird that will quickly get used to the owners. But, unfortunately, you cannot call these birds songbirds: they make different sounds, far from melodic.