9 Ways to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby


6. Prepare for Baby Smells

Cats have a sense of smell that is roughly fourteen times greater than that of humans. They use it for locating food, finding a mate, establishing territories, and locating predators. Babies bring loads of new smells with them and though they may seem mild to us, they can put a cat on edge.

Things like lotions, powders, and other baby products are easy to purchase ahead of time so that your cat can get used to them. Other things, like diapers, may not be as easy to find ahead of time. Be sure to keep dirty diapers safely locked up to avoid problems with your cat.

When the baby is born, and before you bring baby home, take a blanket or something else that has been used to wrap the baby and bring it home. Let the cat smell it and be affectionate while he or she does so. If you do this, then the new baby smell won’t be a huge surprise.

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