9 Ways to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby


9. Restrict Access

No matter how much you trust your cat, don’t leave your baby and your cat alone together. All interactions should be supervised.

Cats don’t know how to act appropriately with children and children need to be taught how to interact appropriately with cats. It isn’t that either is trying to hurt the other, but more the fact that things can go wrong and one or both could be unintentionally injured.

Many parents will leave the door to the nursery open at all times to ensure they can hear their baby. This is a bad idea with a cat around. The options in this case are to install a screen door on the baby’s room or to keep the door closed and use a baby monitor. Whatever choice you make, you need to have a way of separating your cat and your baby that doesn’t involve locking kitty up.

With cats, the general rules are always to make changes slowly and give your kitty time to adjust to major life events. Your goals are to create positive associations with the new baby and to avoid negative connections. Don’t scold that cat or chase it off when it comes near the baby; give it supervised access. Make sure that your cat knows that it still has a happy, loving home even with baby around. If you do that, then everyone will get along just fine.