Best Cat Movies Of All Time

1.Oliver & Company (1988)

This is a family-friendly movie that features the voices of Bette Midler and Billy Joel and is a fun and charming romp that uses a cat to tell a classic tale.

2. Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

This black comedy-drama film by the talented Coen Brothers follows Llewyn Davis, a merchant marine following his path as a folk singer in New York City.

3. Stuart Little (1999)

Stuart Little is a mouse and is voiced by Michael J. Fox. But Snowbell, the family cat, does play an important role in this movie.

4. Rhubarb (1951)

In this comedy, a wealthy owner leaves a professional baseball team and other items to his cat Rhubarb.

5. Cats & Dogs (2001)

he cats attempt to prevent a scientist (played by Jeff Goldblum) from inventing a cure for dog allergies, which means dogs will become a more popular pet than cats.

6. Garfield (2004)

Garfield is one of the most famous cats ever and has been around for about 43 years. This ginger who hates Mondays but adores lasagna was in a popular comic in various newspapers.

7. A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

Based on the memoir and true tale of James Bowen, a homeless busker and drug addict whose life was transformed by a ginger cat named Bob. 

8. Keanu (2016)

The usual zaniness occurs as the cousins attempt to get the kitten back that everyone falls in love with when he crosses their paths. Could you blame them?