Best Cheap Bird Toys You Can Make at Home

1. Poker Chips

Birds can have a ball playing with plastic poker chips. They can be strung on a rope to create hanging toys or use them as foot toys. They will pick them up, roll them around, throw them in the air and chew on them.

2. Paper

Using plain paper with no dyes on it, you can cut shapes for your bird to shred, weave paper strips in and out of your bird's cage bars, or simply crumple it into a ball and let your pet play away!

3. Wooden Spools

Wooden spools (with the thread removed, of course) make safe and fun playthings for birds of all sizes. Some owners use spools as foot toys that their birds can play with while out of their cages.

4. Popsicle Sticks

The birds are never happier than they are when they've got a popsicle stick to chew on. More than just a great plaything, popsicle sticks can be a great way to get your pet to exercise his or her beak and jaw muscles.

5. Molted Feathers

Wild birds practice their natural preening behaviors on other members of their flock daily, so it's no surprise that preening toys make up a significant chunk of the bird toy industry. 

5. Molted Feathers

Make your own by ​saving a few of your bird's molted feathers and tying them together at the end with a piece of cotton twine.