Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

1. Cardboard Advent Calendar With Toys for Cats

With the help of a cardboard Advent calendar loaded with their favorite toys and treats, you can include your cat in the festive Christmas countdown.

2. Nice Knitted Cat Hat

With this charming knitted hat that may be worn to match your cat's attitude of the day, you can showcase their mischievous or pleasant personalities.

3. Cat Scratcher

This cheap way to stop your adorable cat from destroying your furniture and rugs. 

4. Holiday Mistletoe Teaser Wand

Get your cat moving during the cold-weather season with this fun wand-style teaser.

5. Holiday Play Tunnel

Great for peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, hunting, exploring and cat naps, this pop-up play tunnel is sure to spark your feline’s interest all year round.

6. Self-Warming Bolster Bed

The cord-free, self-warming bed will keep your furry pet warm and comfortable when the winter weather arrives. 

7. Wand toys

Try to encourage your cat to play by using interactive toys that mimic prey, such as a toy mouse. You can pull the toy across a floor or wave a feather wand through the air.