Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs in 2022

Dog Chew Toys with Treats

One of the best Christmas presents for dogs who spend hours alone while their owners are at work is treated dispensing dog chew toys made to withstand your puppy's chewing.

Interactive Dog Toys

Dog Interactive toys make wonderful Christmas presents. Interactive dog toys stimulate the dog’s mind, encouraging him to think about how to get a doggy treat.

Knock-About Dog Toys with Treats

With this type of dog toys, the kibble or dog treats fall out of the holes in the toys when they are kicked around the room or pushed around by your dog. 

Pet Toys that Crackle

Crackle dog toys are one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs who like some noise motivation but don’t really like high-pitched squeakers. 

Beds for dogs

If you want to add a cozy addition to your dog’s life, consider purchasing them a new dog bed.

New and Unusual Dog Treats

Use this holiday as an occasion to experiment with some dog treats that are a little different from what your pet is used to.