Best Holiday Gifts for Cats

Christmas cat bed

A holiday-themed cat bed will help keep your kitty warm and give them somewhere to escape the excitement of opening presents on Christmas morning.

Cat wine

Cat wine is typically created from water, organic catnip, and natural colorings; it isn't actually wine. However, it still makes a funny gag gift for your cat pal.

Holiday sweaters and accessories

A festive sweater is a sweet gift for your cat if she enjoys dressing up and feels cold in the winter.

Automatic laser toys

Your cat would love an autonomous laser toy for Christmas. A cat will be entertained even when you are not around by an automatic laser toy because cats can't get enough of laser pointers.

Christmas cat tree

Buying your fur-baby an elaborate cat tree complete with hammocks, perches, and toys will keep them entertained over the holidays.

Cat puzzle toys

Treat-dispensing puzzle toys are great for keeping your cat's mind active while providing them with tasty morsels. Puzzle toys usually make your cat use their paws to fish treats out of a tight spot.

Homemade Christmas cat cookies

Homemade Christmas cookies are a fun way to show your tiny tiger they're your favorite fur-baby. Plus, they're a great way to test out your baking skills.

Scratchable cat lounger

If your fur-baby already has too many cat trees and toys, a scratchable cat lounger might make for a "pawsome" cat gift for Christmas.

Self-cleaning litter box

The best self-cleaning litter boxes are expensive but might be worth it if your cat is fussy about their litter and if changing cat litter is your least favorite chore.

Hanukkah cat toys

You can buy your feline friend a squeaky toy shaped like a dreidel or a gelt to celebrate Hanukkah with your fur-baby.