Best Pet Frogs for Beginners

1.  African Bullfrog

Also called the Pixie frog, the African Bullfrog is one of the largest and most popular pet frogs on the market.  They can be up to 10 inches long and spend most of their time buried in the ground.

2.  Burmese Chubby Frog

The Burmese Chubby frog may survive in a 10-gallon aquarium because they don't require much space.  They are very simple to care for, which makes them a fantastic pet choice for novice frog parents.

3.  White Lipped Frog

These little frogs grow to be only about 5 inches long, but their bright green body and beautiful white stripes make up for their small stature.

4.  Bumblebee Dart Frog

The Bumblebee Dart frog has amazing coloring of black and bright yellow splotches, making them a fun pet for kids of all ages to observe.

5.  White’s Tree Frog

This cute frog features an interesting green-silver body and a cute little face that always seems to be smiling. They are super easy to care for and don’t need much space, making them a great pet for kids.

6.  Tomato Frog

These brightly colored frogs look like cherry tomatoes and can grow to be anywhere from 2 to 4 inches long.  When living in captivity, the Tomato frog likes to burrow and climb during the day.

7.  Waxy Monkey Frog

This is a South American species of frog that has a bright green body and inquisitive eyes.  These frogs don’t enjoy being handled, so they are best suited as pets for people who prefer observing rather than interacting.

8.  Amazon Milk Frog

The Amazon Milk Frog prefers to live in the rainforest, so their habitats in captivity should include plenty of humidity and lush foliage to explore.