Best Plants for a Turtle Tank

1. Dwarf Hairgrass

Turtles will love this stuff because it makes for a good layer to cover the substrate, giving them something soft to walk on and mull through on the bottom of the tank.

2. Java Moss

The real beauty about Java moss is that it does not need any special lighting or air requirements. It will do well in dim and murky water, meaning that you can keep it in virtually any fresh water aquarium.

3. Red Ludwigia

The reason why many people love red ludwigia is because it is extremely low maintenance. You will not have to provide it with any special nutrients, lighting, or aeration.

4. Java Fern

The Java fern is another good option to consider. While it does need to be anchored down with some small rocks or driftwood, it still makes for a fine addition to any turtle tank.

5. Hornwort

Hornwort is an aquatic plant that does not reach the surface. It is green and sometimes slightly yellowish, making it a beautiful addition to any tank. Hornwort is pretty resilient to many different water conditions.

6. Moneywort

Moneywort is a pretty awesome choice. This material appeals to many people's aesthetic sensibilities. Simply put, it appears to be very nice.

7. Water Hyacinth

Another cool choice for a floating plant is a water hyacinth. This item looks a lot like water lettuce, but that's about all.

8. Moss Balls

Moss balls are a rather unusual, but nonetheless excellent, option to choose from. These objects are merely aquatic moss balls that are present on the tank's bottom. 

9. Water Lettuce

Another fantastic choice for your turtle tank is water lettuce. These are plants that float on the surface of the water.