10 Best Terrestrial Invertebrates to Keep as Pets


While not the ideal pet choice for many, tarantulas are still very popular pet invertebrates.


Millipedes are easy to care for but eat fruits and vegetables.


Ants are not the type of pet you hold, but they can be interesting to watch and are very low maintenance.


They are very unique insects and are known for their unique mating habits; it is not recommended to house a male and female together.

Stick Insects

Creepy to some and intriguing to others, stick insects make unique pets.


To many, cockroaches are pests but to some, they are fascinating invertebrate pets.

Hermit Crabs

Out of all the terrestrial invertebrates on this list, land hermit crabs are arguably the most popular options.


Also known as doodlebugs, antlions are sometimes kept as pets due to their interesting hunting techniques.


Land snails are quiet, low-maintenance pets that you can allow to crawl on your hand.


There are several different types of scorpions that are kept as pets, but none of them are pets that you should handle.