Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs

1. American Shorthair

They get along well with people and other animals.  Most American Shorthairs get along well with dogs.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

They get along well with dogs, and you may find them both playing in your backyard pond, as this breed loves water!

3. Abyssinian

They are a terrific addition to a home with a dog because they are always up for a game and eager to pick up new tricks with their canine companions.

4. Bombay

These energetic and affectionate cats are adaptable, which makes them the perfect choice of cat for a busy, multi-pet household.

5. Ragdoll

The chilled-out Ragdoll will get along well with dogs simply because they can’t be bothered to do any different!

6. Birman

The Birman is the ideal cat for a household with dogs because of their gregarious and playful nature.

7. Maine Coon

They get along well with other animals and are content to amuse themselves by playing with the dog until it's time for meal.

8. British Shorthair

These laidback cats take almost everything in their stride, so sharing their home with a dog won’t ruffle their fur in any way.

9. Siberian

They love people and other pets, so they make a great choice for a home with dogs. You might even find your cat and dog hanging out together and playing in whatever water they can find! 

10. Tonkinese

These friendly cats crave attention, and whether that’s from people or a dog, they won’t mind.