Christmas trees: Tips to protect your tree from your cat this year

1. Keep your tree away from furniture

You want to minimize their options for getting to the tree as much as you can. Your cat will have an easy time damaging your tree if it's placed next to any furniture.

2. Add citrus to the area surrounding your tree

A fantastic natural technique to prevent cats from damaging your holiday decorations is to spritz the tree with citrus spray or leave peel from fruits like oranges and lemons.

3. Place tinfoil around the base

Cats dislike the way tinfoil feels and looks, as well as the sound it makes. So you should be able to deter your cat by scattering some around the base of your tree.

4. Avoid placing decorations on the lower parts of the tree

Cats are drawn to anything flashy or that is even slightly dangling in front of their face. By avoiding placing decorations at eye level and concentrating on decorating higher up the tree, temptation can be easily avoided.

5. Place lights in the centre of the tree

To reduce the chance that your cat will nibble on the fairy lights, position them closer to the center of the tree.

6. Secure your tree

It's advisable to secure the tree to stop your cat from toppling it during one of its antics.

7. Opt for a half parasol Christmas tree to keep decor out of reach

This way the decor is out of your cat’s reach, whilst still keeping the festive feel in the room.

8. Christmas Tree Limbs with Bells

You know how you have bells around your cat's neck to keep track of where he's going and what he's into? You can apply the same solution to your Christmas tree.