8 Common Mistakes New Goldfish Keepers Make

1. Overfeeding Them

Due to the lack of a stomach, goldfish don't require a lot of feeding. You must be aware that goldfish can survive on modest amounts of food without it affecting their growth.

2.  Not Cycling the Tank Before Putting the Goldfish

Introducing goldfish into the tank immediately after purchase can be a costly mistake. Think of cycling the tank first to culture a colony of beneficial bacterial.

3. Not Purchasing Quality Fish

Buying poor-quality goldfish can cost you a lot. You may do everything right for your fish, but they still end up living a short life.

4. Not Changing the Water

The water needs to be changed at least once a week to maintain optimum oxygen levels. But, if you have a small tank, changing the water daily can prevent toxins from building up for the well-being of your goldfish.

5. Not Treating the Tap Water

Tap water contains chemicals that can be harmful to the colony of the good bacterial inside your goldfish tank. This untreated water can kill the good bacterial that processes ammonia into nitrate for the healthy living of your fish.

6. Not Using an Appropriate Filter

The feces that goldfish excrete heavily contaminates the tank's water. Choosing the appropriate filter for your goldfish tank is beneficial.

7. Not Maintaining Optimum Oxygen Level in the Aquarium

If you don’t have a sufficient amount of oxygen in your aquarium then your Goldfish can suffocate and it can cause various respiratory diseases.

8. Choosing Inappropriate Tank Mates

Some people get betta fish and goldfish, without realizing the stress and danger this puts both fish in, often leading to aggression and death.