7 Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make When Training Their Dogs

1. Training For Too Long

If you train for too long, your dog may get bored and no longer be interested in learning the new behavior that you're trying to teach.

2. Correction-Based Instead Of Positive Reinforcement

Focusing on the negative is not nearly as effective of a training method as using positive reinforcement.

3. Too Much Clicking

You should also stay consistent with only one click per desired behavior. If you click too much while your dog is doing something, they'll have no idea exactly what behavior you are rewarding.

4. Staying In The Same Place

You'll probably be doing quite a bit of training in your home, as that's where you and your dog live. Your dog will learn to behave in the house, but as soon as you get outside, they'll have a much harder time paying attention.

5. Repeating Commands

If your dog doesn't respond, don't repeat the command. Take them somewhere else and try again. If you still don't get a response, it's time to retrain and relearn the behavior.

6. Not Adjusting For Your Dog's Individuality

Dogs are individuals, and not every method of training or reward will work for every dog. Some breeds a re more motivated by play than food, and some have a natural need to please.

7. Relying Too Much On Treats

If you rely too much on treats, your dog may only perform your desired behaviors when you have food with you. Therefore, do not forget to diversify encouragement with praise, toys or play.