8 Common Things Cats Like to Play With

1. Crumpled Paper

Crumpled paper is another favorite and a testament to the fact that cats really do like the texture and the noise it makes is the range of commercial cat toys that have a similarly crumpled section.

2. Feathers

Feathers are soft and mimic the look and feel of a bird. You can pull the feather around if you’re confident of getting your fingers out of the way of the cat’s claws in time.

3. String

Most of us have string or a length of wool or twine laying around the house, and this remarkably simple item can seem like heaven for a playful cat.

4. Balls

Balls from board games, table tennis, or bouncy balls all make excellent cat toys.

5. Cardboard Boxes

Your cat may choose to sleep in a box you give them, or jump in and out like it’s the most exciting toy they’ve ever been given.

6. Paper Bags

Some cats absolutely love paper bags. You may even find it difficult to empty the groceries without your feline friend trying to climb into the bag they came from.

7. Screen Objects

There are multiple apps available now that mimic the movement of fish and other objects. Try downloading one and have your cat chase the fish around the screen.

8. Laser Pen

This toy will get even the heaviest and most reluctant cats chasing after a tiny red dot at full speed.