Dangerous Decor: Worst Holiday Decorations for Pets

1. Potpourri

The potpourri containing strychnine, a neurotoxic poison for animals, has been said to occasionally result in serious side effects such as convulsions, exhaustion, and lack of coordination.

2. Snow Globes with Antifreeze

If a snow globe were to accidentally fall and break, ethylene glycol has a sweet, warming taste that many pets may enjoy, but the winter chemical is extremely poisonous to pets.

3. Tinsel, ribbon, and other pretty things

In addition to enhancing the festive atmosphere in your home, ribbons, wrapping paper, ornaments, tinsel, extension wires, and gifts can also be tempting "chew toys" that put your pet in danger.

4. Essential Oils

Many essential oils are toxic to dogs, so burning or diffusing them in your home can cause a bad reaction and/or respiratory issues.

5. Fire-Starter Logs & Lighter Fluid

Utilizing fire-starter logs inside your home is quite risky because they are frequently made of paraffin and sawdust, which can cause moderate to severe stomach irritation when swallowed by animals.