Do Cats Eat More Food in Winter?

Do Cats Eat More Food in Winter?

Cats do consume extra food throughout the winter. The increase in calories is more noticeable in outdoor cats because they must exert more effort to stay warm, but it also happens in indoor cats.

Do Cats Eat More Food in Winter?

Cats have to work harder to maintain their body temperature than humans do as well, and by increasing their food intake in cold months, your cat’s body won’t have to work quite so hard to maintain a safe and comfortable core body temperature.

Should My Cat Eat More Calories?

If your cat spends most of the year outside, you should boost its calorie intake during the colder months. According to some research, cats consume roughly 15% more food in the winter than they do in the summer.

How Do Indoor Cats Know It’s Winter?

Cats don’t just use the outdoor temperature to determine what season it is. Like all animals, cats base their innate knowledge of the season through a combination of temperature and lighting.

What To Feed Cats In Cold Weather?

It is possible to feed your cats canned or dry food in cold weather. Fats and proteins are among the elements to be preferred, in particular fish and fresh meat of poultry origin, the so-called ‘white meats’, primarily chicken and turkey.