12 Fascinating Facts About Betta Fish

1. Male Betta Fish Are Solitary

Betta fish (especially males) are highly territorial and should be housed alone. They will fight with other betta fish for territory and this fighting can be quite serious in male bettas.

2. Betta Fish Are Carnivores

The betta fish is indeed a carnivore that hunts for worms and invertebrates in the wild.

3. Betta Fish Make Bubble Nests

Making a bubble nest is an instinct when males are trying to attract a female betta, but not all betta fish will make one.

4. Male Bettas Are More Colorful Than Females

The male betta fish has always been more popular than female betta fish, mostly because they have more color, and have more fin types to choose from.

5. Betta Fish Have Teeth

Their teeth are usually not noticeable and are not sharp enough to injure a human, but are still there.

6. Betta Fish Can Breathe Air From The Surface

Betta fish have a respiratory organ that many other fish do not have, known as a labyrinth organ.

7. Betta Fish Get Stress Stripes

When betta fish are stressed, they will lose their coloration and develop vertical lines across their bodies known as stress stripes.

8. They’re A Incredibly Intelligent Fish

Bettas are one of the few fish that can learn to recognize their owners and perform tricks.

9. Betta Fish Fins Have Taste Buds

Interestingly, betta fish have around 100,000 to 500,000 taste buds on their bodies.

10. Betta Fish Can Regrow Damaged Fins

If a betta fish has sustained an injury to their fins that has caused fin loss or tearing, these damaged fins will start to grow back.

11 .There Are at Least 14 Types of Betta Tails

Some of the most common types of betta tails are the veiltail, combtail, crowntail, delta, super delta, double tail, half moon, over half moon, half-sun, plakat, rosetail, etc.

12. Betta Tank Affects Lifespan

Bettas kept in small bowls will have a shorter lifespan compared to bettas kept in filtered tanks.