5 Fish Tank Design Tips For A Captivating Aquarium

1. Find your focal point

Whether this is a piece of driftwood, the plants, an ornament or otherwise, having one focal point will help you work out the rest of your tank’s scheme.

2. Plan before you build

Do a little forethought and plan out the layout of your fish tank before you dash out and buy everything you believe you'll need.

2. Plan before you build

You could wish to sketch out your layout on paper or, if you've already purchased the components for your aquarium, experiment with their arrangement while the tank is empty.

3. Colour code

While we’re talking about colour, think about choosing a palette for your tank. Whether you want to choose three tones – say brown, green and black –

3. Colour code

or try to keep all of the hard elements, such as substrate and ornaments, one tone, your tank will have a bold look.

4. Take it slow

When you’re planning your fish tank, think about it as a space that will grow like a garden. Some fantastic examples of aquascaping only get better with age, as new plants grow and moss starts to soften the harder edges of the environment.

5. Paint the back

If you’re going for the sleek look, painting the back outside glass of your tank will elevate the whole environment. Rather than showcasing what’s sitting behind the fish tank, when you paint the back you’ll be able to set the mood.