Five Reasons Why Budgies Make Such Great Pets

1. Budgies Can Talk To You!

Budgies talk, pretty much all day, with various moods that you soon come to recognise. Not all the ‘talking’ consists of recognisable words – in fact many, if not most birds, never master human words.

2. Budgies don’t require much

Budgerigars are also easy to look after, and being small birds they have modest appetites, so they’re an inexpensive addition to the home.

3. Budgies Have Fantastic Personalities

Budgies can take on board an amazing variety of skills, from coming to your hand when you call, to negotiating tunnels, skateboarding, and manoeuvring a ball around obstacles.

4. Budgies Come in Endless Colour Patterns

Although there are just three basic colour combinations – green and yellow, blue and white, or a mixture of these – the variety of patterns within this mix is incredible.

5. Budgies Don’t Like Vets!

Budgerigars are often exceptionally strong and healthy birds. They won't be afraid of the vet as long as they have a really healthy diet and a clean environment.