12 Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats

1. The Maine Coon is waterproof! It has a waterproof topcoat that protects them against wet and bleak climates.

2. Maine Coons have a naturally slow growth rate and don’t reach their full size until they are about 3 to 5 years old.

3. They are polydactyl cats which means that they have more toes than average cats. This also means that their paws are snowshoe-like, which also helps them navigate extreme snowy conditions.

4. The classic tabby Maine Coons have dense markings that are clearly defined, and broad. The 'M' marking on their forehead is said to be formed by the cat's frown marks.

5. Maine Coons are known to be highly intelligent cats, often learning tricks and performing them upon request.

6. Maine Coons make excellent companions due to their loyalty and affectionate nature.

7. Maine Coons are ‘chatty’ cats, but they often make a different noise to a meow, such as a chirp or a trill.

8. Maine Coon cats enjoy being trained and like to play fetch – they are sometimes referred to as the dog of the cat world!

9. The Maine Coon is the official state cat of the US state of Maine and has been recognised as such since 1985.

10. They can be up to 8kg heavier than the average domestic cat.

11. The longest registered cat was 48.5 inches long and was, of course, a Maine Coon named Stewie.

12. Maine Coon cats love water!  While most other domestic cats may not care too much for water, a Marine Coon will quite happily jump into your bath!

13. Maine Coons have a relatively long lifespan compared to other cats, living an average of 12–15 years if properly cared for.

14. Maine Coons are known for having a sharp sense of smell and exceptional hunting skills, which makes them skilled mousers.

15. There are 75 colours and pattern combinations of the Maine Coon cat.