5 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

1. Play hide-and-seek

Play hide-and-seek by placing one of your cat's toys behind a blanket or a box, then watch them scramble to find the prize. 

2. Blow bubbles

You can do this outside, inside, or in a secure enclosed space. Just be sure to use a non-toxic bubble solution at all times. 

3. Cat food puzzles

Cats are natural foragers so keeping them inside all the time can cause some unwanted behavioral and health problems. Food puzzles can help prevent such problems.

4. Mechanical toys

Your cat will spend hours playing with mechanical toys, particularly those made to resemble little rodents. The majority of these toys are battery-operated, and the way they zigzag around the floor can entice your four-legged buddies.

5. Set up a food treasure hunt

Set up a food treasure hunt by hiding treats in secure but difficult-to-reach areas of your house and watching your cat struggle to find them.