10 Fun Winter Activities With Dogs 

1. Walking or Running

Winter walk is perfect for providing your dog with some engagement and helping her be ready to snuggle in later.

2. Hiking

Hiking is an excellent activity for dogs. Being able to sniff in the woods and around trees helps relax them with natural smells they can understand.

3. Nose Work

Simply grab some tasty treats, hide them around the house or toss them out into the snow and let the powder do the hiding for you. And then release the hound!

4. Dog Skiing or Skijoring

Outdoor enthusiasts with active breeds often gravitate toward dog skiing. Also known as skijoring, this is one of the most popular winter dog sports.

5. Sledding

Forget fetch—your dog will love chasing you down a sledding hill.

6. Playing in the Snow

Even tossing snow powder into the air for your dog to catch can be a great way to go outside and blow off some steam.

7. Tug Toy Throwdown

Dogs love a good round of tug of war. It's great exercise and engages them in a fun activity with you.

8. Winter Camping

Winter camping with your dog is always Instagram worthy, but it's also a terrific bonding experience.

9. Snow Digging

If your dog likes to dig, encouraging them to dig in the snow can be a great way to burn energy.

10. Practice Tricks and Obedience Training

You’ll have fun while you challenge your dog, and you’ll keep their brain and body busy on those cold, winter days.