12 Great Health Benefits to Having a Pet Fish

1. Anxiety and Depression Support

Watching colorful fish has been linked to an improved mental outlook and a decrease in both acute and chronic anxiety, as well as a decrease in depressive symptoms.

2. Fish Reduce Blood Pressure

Fish have been shown to be heart-friendly, too. Here’s another important fishkeeping benefit.

3. Pet Fish Can Reduce Stress

Observing fish in an aquarium, or simply being in the same room as them has been shown to reduce stress to a significant degree.

4. Support Cognitive Health

Owning pets, including fish, has been shown to have the ability to help lessen symptoms of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease

5. Fish Can Improve Productivity At Work

There are companies that specialize in the introduction of aquariums at work, and they report that fish tanks provide many benefits to employees, including the potential for increased productivity.

6. Fish Motivate Kids To Research And Learn More

One of the reasons that is perhaps difficult to study, but quite obvious, is that a child’s curiosity about the animal with whom she is living will naturally lead to research projects.

7. Encourage Better Sleep

Having a fish tank in a bedroom can help improve sleep not only by the presence of the fish but also through the soothing sounds of the water flowing.

8. Pain Relief

Watching fish swim has shown a link to helping to reduce pain in people experiencing chronic and acute pain symptoms. I

9. Promote Relaxation

There actually are studies that have indicated that watching fish swim can enhance feelings of relaxation.

10. ADHD Support

We already know that watching fish can help children with ADHD get more and better-quality sleep, but fish can also help people with ADHD focus and be less distractible.

11. Support Better Nutrition

With the calmness that comes from watching brightly colored fish swimming, one study showed that people with Alzheimer’s ate 21% more when there were fish to watch.

12. Reduce Heart Disease Risk and Mortality

This would likely be due to the calming effect of watching fish, as well as the reduction in blood pressure, tension, and pain levels. People who are calmer and happier are also typically healthier.