Great Tips on How to Travel With a Dog in a Car 

1. Building Up to Longer Trips

Start off with quick neighborhood drives. This will give you a better understanding of how well your dog handles car rides in general and will help introduce them to the sensation of the car moving.

2. Empty Stomach

Avoid feeding them big meals during the journey. Take along snacks that they can chew on, but otherwise, wait to feed them their dinner until you’ve reached your destination.

3. Seatbelts or Restraints

For the safety of you, your dog, and everyone else on the road, it’s best if you have a way to keep your dog restrained while the car is in motion.

4. Plenty of Water

Pack a few water bottles and a travel-sized water bowl for your dog, and offer them water every time you stop at gas stations or rest stops.

5. Canine Travel Kit

Your canine travel kit should include all the basics: poop bags, a collapsible water dish, a dog first aid kit, your dog’s favorite toy, a few chews, and their favorite treats to snack on while you drive.

6. Regular Potty Breaks

Stopping at rest stops regularly enables you to stretch your legs, take a break from driving, and give your dog much-needed playtime. They’ll be able to go to the bathroom, drink water, and explore for a bit.

7. Not Leaving Them Unattended

Summer, cars, and dogs don’t mix well. Never leave your dog in a locked car unattended, even for just a few minutes.

8. Closed Windows

If you do want to keep the windows open, don’t open them far enough to let your dog stick their head out. Or, only open the windows that your restrained pet can’t reach.

9. Microchipping Your Dog

While it’s not pleasant to consider the possibility of your dog getting lost during your road trip, a microchip will increase the odds of them getting back to you quickly.

10. Local Veterinarians

If you’re in an unfamiliar town, locating a veterinarian can be stressful during emergencies. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and planning ahead is the best way to make a horrible situation easier to handle.