Great Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird

1. Fetch

Fetch is another fun trick you can teach your pet bird. Not only is it a cool party trick, but it’s also a great way to encourage bonding.

2.  Potty Training

You can train your bird to use the bathroom on command in a spot you designate  – but be aware that it will take some time.

3. Step Up

If you’re thinking about teaching your birds some new tricks, the step-up trick is perhaps one of the first ones you should consider. It is a fundamental trick that is easy for you to teach and equally easy for your birds to master.

4. Take a Bow

Teaching your bird how to bow after putting on a show is not only fun, but it’s pretty easy. To do it, hold a treat at eye level. Move the treat toward the ground until your bird follows it with a bow.

5. Wave Hello

This is a quick, easy trick to teach that’s sure to impress your friends and family when they come by to visit.

6. Dancing

We aren’t making this one up – you can actually teach your parrot how to dance! This one is actually pretty easy as long as your bird wants to cooperate. Put on some dance music and start to dance yourself.

7. Whistle

It’s an easy trick to teach – all you need to do is whistle a bit yourself, and your bird should mimic you!

8. Shoulder Sitting

To teach your bird how to do this, put your bird gently on your shoulder, repeat the chosen command (like “sit”), and reward him with a treat.

9. Climb a Ladder

Teaching your bird how to climb a ladder is easy. Of course, to do this, your bird will first need to know how to do the step-up trick.

10. Ride a Skateboard

This is a more advanced trick that they can complete only by the most talented and intelligent of all pet birds.

11. Learning How to Talk

This is one of the most beloved tricks for parrots, and there are a variety of techniques and methods you can use to teach your bird how to do so. Repetition and patience are two factors that will come into play.