Health Benefits of Equine Therapy

1. Improves Management of Stress and Anxiety

The horses are fantastic stress relievers. According to scientific research, being around animals can aid in the release of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. 

2. Increases Muscle Tone and Strength

Horseback riding is regarded as a moderate type of exercise that offers numerous advantages for one's physical well-being. 

3. Aids in Balance and Gross Motor Skills

The natural gait of the horses used in equine therapy assists patients maintain balance and improving their gross motor skills while riding.

4. Improves Posture

Whether a person has a disability or has poor posture naturally, equine therapy can be beneficial. Posture is a focus in equine therapy known as hippotherapy.

5. Increases Confidence and Self Esteem

Horses are not biased or judgmental like people are. They respond to the actions and feelings of those around them and reflect a person's energy. 

6. Aids in Impulse Control and Self Awareness

It helps a person become more self-aware because horses frequently mimic the patient's behavior, bodily movements, and emotions. 

7. Builds Trust

People will develop a sense of trust if they ride and interact with horses frequently. The patient receiving equine therapy will eventually develop a sense of security and start to trust the horse.

8. Enhances Communication and Social Skills

The relationship between the rider and the horse fosters amazing social and communication abilities that carry over into daily life.