Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Feathered Friends


Сhoose different sizes and textures so your bird can exercise his feet


Try something new, but keep treats in moderation so they don’t upset your bird’s feeding program.

Bath perches and toys

If your bird loves to play in the shower, pamper him with some fun things to do while he’s splashing around.

Paper scrap box

Does your bird like to shred things? Collect scrapes of safe paper, and let him go wild with excitement as he digs through the box.


Make sure toys don’t have anything that can detach or have sharp pieces, rope or twine that can choke him or catch up his foot.

Play stands

These are perfect to place in your home and it allows your bird to be near you but in a safe and playful location.


If your bird is on the go with you, get him a harness to keep him safe and in your control. They now come in cute colors and even like jackets and hoodies.

Make a video

We bet your bird can ham it up and he would love to see and hear himself on a video. These are easy to make on most cell phones.

Write a poem or story about your bird

You will love doing this and so will he. Add pictures and you can publish this with easy-to-use resources on the internet.

Foraging food

Add a little something special to his food cup to give him food he can play with and sort through for his eating enjoyment.