7 Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Pet

1. Include them in your holiday cards

If your family gets all decked out for a holiday photo, be sure to include your pet and add their name to the list of signatures!

2. Pet friendly festive baking

For your dog or cat's culinary enjoyment, include a recipe for pet-friendly biscuits. Bonus points if the recipe includes a cookie cutter in the shape of a pet.

3. Bring them along to choose a tree

Many tree farms and lots are dog friendly as long as they’re kept on a lead, and your dog will likely enjoy the pine needle scents just as much as you!

4. Christmas film marathon

Is there anything better than relaxing on the couch with a hot beverage and a holiday movie? Have a movie night with your pet while you cuddle up to watch Santa Paws, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or Lady & the Tramp.

5. Get an ornament made

A lot of online retailers can provide ornaments that are personalized with your pet's distinctive image, paw print, silhouette, and more! These are fantastic presents for family members who own dogs as well.

6. Make a day of winter activities

Did you know, getting out for a walk in the brisk, cold air is beneficial for your health? Take advantage of wintry snow for a snowball fight, building a snow-dog, making snow angels or just walking through the powder.

7. Fill a stocking for them

Fill your pet’s stocking with all of their favourite treats and toys for a festive surprise.