How Do I Know If My Rabbit Is Happy?

1. He has a good appetite

Your rabbit is really content if he has a good appetite. Healthy, happy rabbits enjoy eating various foods and nibbling on them. 

2. He is relaxed

It is very simple for rabbits to become afraid, even in the presence of people they are comfortable with. Your rabbit is quite content if he appears at ease.

3. He is curious

A curious rabbit is one that is healthy, stimulated, and really happy. It also means that they are relaxed enough that they know they can look around without watching their back.

4. He sounds happy

The noises of happiness include clucking, purring, and sighing. When rabbits are satisfied, they cluck. 

5. He is calm but active

Happy and healthy rabbits should be inquisitive, walk around their enclosure, and play with their friends. Rabbits that are active are rabbits that are healthy and happy.