How to Calm Hamsters During Fireworks?

Move Away From Windows

You can also temporarily move the cage. You might put the cage in an interior room, a walk-in closet, or a basement for a few days.

Cover Your Hamster’s Cage

One of the easiest ways to help your hamster is to cover their cage or hutch. A covering will block out any light and can help muffle noises too.

Think About Music or TV

Putting on the radio or TV might fill in the space with a hum of chatter and changing noise that will help fill in the gaps between fireworks.

Let Them Dig Deep

Hamsters often burrow into substrate to sleep, but burrowing is also a way for them to feel safe during stressful times.

Prepare in Advance

Changes can be stressful, so a little bit of advance prep can be a lifesaver. If you decide to move your hamster’s cage, consider moving it a day or two before you’ll actually need it.