How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree: 8 Tips

1. Proceed Slowly

Most cats are reluctant to embrace changes made to their routine or environment.  Therefore, before putting a bag full of decorations on the tree, we advise you to leave it bare for the first few days.

2. Be Cautious With Lights

Discourage your feline from chewing on wires by winding strings of light close to the center of your tree. You can also use a cord protector to keep your cat from gnawing on a wire.

3. Hang Decorations Up High

Protect heirloom ornaments by placing them out of your cat’s reach. Forgo low-hanging ornaments that might prove too tempting for your inquisitive feline.

4. Restrict Access

If you can, keep your cat out of the room with the tree anytime you’re out of the house.

5. Make Sure Things Are Secure

Skip the sharp metal hangers traditionally used to hang ornaments—they can injure curious kitties! Instead, fasten ornaments to branches as tightly as you can with wire or twine to keep your cat from swatting them off.

6. Go  Artificial

Fallen pine needles can puncture paws and pose a serious risk to curious chewers. An artificial tree will override this hazard.

7. Place Your Tree in a Corner

Keep your tree away from any furniture your cat could use to leap into the branches. Instead, choose a corner to make climbing more difficult.

8. Cover the Base

If you do use a real tree, cover the water-filled base with a tree skirt or blanket so your cat doesn’t drink it.